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The fact is we all intend to live long and healthy lives. Contrary to what we see and hear in the media, disaster rarely strikes. But just like we have to plan for our holidays and retirement in advance, we also need to plan for contingencies in advance. In doing so we create peace of mind, our loved ones will be cared for and our wishes will be considered in those rare cases where we lose the power to make our own decisions.

An Estate Plan ensures that decisions are made based on your instructions. Without one, you may be surprised at who will manage your affairs, care for your children and benefit from your assets.

A Basic Estate Plan Involves

  • Creation of a Will, the primary tool in your Estate Plan
  • Appointing an attorney through an Enduring Power of Attorney to manage your affairs in the event you are unable to do so
  • Preparing a Representation Agreement designating a trusted individual to make health and personal care decisions for you
  • Incorporating your health care and personal directives into these documents making your wishes and believes known


The Wills, Estates and Succession Act came into force on March 31, 2014. Under the WESA a spousal separation will nullify many provisions of your current will leaving the WESA to fill the gaps respecting guardianship of your children.

Did you and your former spouse make reciprocal Wills? If so your Will has changed. According to the WESA, provisions in a Will that involve a spouse do not survive a separation once one partner forms an intention to permanently live separate and apart from the other.

Blended Family

A Blended Family is a family that forms when one of the partners entering the relationship has children from a prior relationship. Special clauses must be included in the Will to protect the children’s rights to assets of the biological parent after the parent passes. If assets of the biological parent are substantial (more than $300,000) formation of a trust should be considered . We will work with your accountant and/or financial advisor to craft a suitable framework in your Will to protect your assets and avoid unnecessary tax implications.

Realizing Your Dreams

Our children are our most precious investment. Through a Will we can arrange for the distribution of our assets, set up a plan for the care of our children and add certainty to an uncertain future rather than leaving it to a legislated procedures.

Enduring Power of Attorney

Managing our finances, dealing with our property, running our business, these are complicated enough when we are capable of making our own decisions. If a situation arises and we can’t take care of these matters our self, a Power of Attorney assures that a trusted person has the tools to manage our finances.

You Know Your Doctor But Does Your Doctor Know You?

An accident has happened. You are unable to communicate. Does anyone know your treatment wishes? Who has the right to make treatment decisions? How does the Doctor in the emergency room know what you want?

With a representation agreement YOU make the decisions. Your wishes and intentions are put in writing and a representative is appointed. Your voice is heard even if you can’t speak for yourself. Your Representation Agreement is electronically filed, online, with the Nidus Registry. At the time of filing, you can make your registered information available to your loved ones, doctors and hospitals. You can rest assured that your wishes will be known to those that matter when decisions need to be made for you.

Comprehensive Leagal Services

  • Estate Administration
  • Passing of your Assets
  • Guardianship of your Children
  • Managing your Financial Affairs
  • Directing Health Care Alternatives
  • Providing for Incapacity


  • Basic Will
    • $350
  • Power of Attorney
    • Single $250
    • Couple $350
  • Representation Agreement(Health Care)
    • Single $550
    • Couple $700